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Nutritional Assessment

We study body language by using a nutritional symptomatology assessment.  This is used to interpret physiological symptoms and discover nutritional deficiencies and excesses.

By measuring the biochemical individuality of clients, your nutritionist determines one’s nutritional status, pinpointing nutritional inadequacies that other methods may miss. It determines deficiencies or excesses of specific vitamins, minerals, proteins, metabolic and hormonal imbalances, and other factors. It’s a way of interpreting signs to find underlying causes, and is especially helpful at finding subclinical conditions that don’t show up on conventional laboratory tests.

Your nutritionist will evaluate and design a specific nutritional program, once the analysis is completed.  This will include diet plan, supplements, and lifestyle modifications. We offer coaching, mentoring, shopping and food prep tips, and ongoing client support to maximize optimal outcome for each individual.

The Nutritional Assessment developed by Nutrition Without Borders is a reliable way to determine one’s nutritional status. It can identify nutritional inadequacies that other methods may miss. This analysis involves you in your own health care and gives you valuable information to help you build and maintain your health.

The first step in the journey is completing a 30min online questionnaire.  A link will be sent to you via text message or email.  You will provide information about possible symptoms that can relate to nutritional imbalances. All of the questions are based on what your body is experiencing right now, with the foods and supplements you are presently taking.

Once you complete and submit the questionnaire online, Nutrition Without Borders will be automatically notified and will next proceed to review the data and prepare the report to be sent back to you. The report will include a graphical summary of the results, showing areas of possible deficiency to be addressed by nutritional supplementation.

Your nutritionist may highlight any areas of concern for further analysis.  The report provided ranks the nutritional profile in order of treatment priority providing a clear and concise protocol designed specifically for individual needs.