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Weight Management

The aim in management of weight, underweight or overweight is to attain and stay at an optimal range of weights. We will start with a program designed to achieve gradual results, so the end goal weight will be maintained on a long term basis.

After evaluation of your Body Mass Index (BMI), there are other evaluations that precisely guide the management of your weight. A proper health history, family health, eating patterns, stress levels are all recorded and assessed.

We will work with you to make changes to your diet and formulate an eating plan that suits you and your lifestyle. We will investigate, with extensive nutritional and health assessment, whether there is something happening in your body that is preventing you from losing weight, and pin-point each person’s unique biochemical weaknesses.

We know the challenges of weight loss can be a little daunting at first. We will discuss and set a pace that best fits your goals during the initial consultation and the program can be changed at any point.

We are available for support and are committed to help you achieve your goals.

You can get in touch with us below.